Cheaper than big-bags
Reduced costs

Innovation technology for bulk goods carriage and storage

Explore a better than big-bag cargo carriage solution.

We offer flexible containers to reduce your haulage costs

Railcar loading rate
Port storage under any weather conditions, no cover required
Accumulation and movement with minimum manpower involvement
$10 / ton
1 ton
$7-9 / ton
10 tons
МК−14−10 flexible containers
МК-14-10 as compared to a big-bag for lithium in Zimbabwe
Trouble-free delivery of 99%
of cargo
Learn about the flexible containers in 2:30 min

Tested for various types of cargo

Alumina, fertilizers, cement, sulphur, ores
Grain, sugar, salt, feed additives
Industrial products and chemicals
Food goods

Suitable for all types of transport and climate

By sea / river

By rail

By road

Our people will take care of your cargo along the way up to the destination point.

We operate worldwide

We will help you reduce your haulage costs

We will develop and design the best possible pattern for handling cargo on any surface, at any height.

Tailoring to existing infrastructure

Cargo in one container along the route

  • Lower transportation costs, lower rate of wear and tear.
  • Quick and cost-effective rail, road and water transshipment, no loss of quantity and quality.
  • Guaranteed safety of cargo and package.
Capacity up to 14 tons
3 months
Technology adoption period
Individual loading patterns
Apart from carriage, our technology is an efficient storage solution. Storage of cargo in flexible containers requires minimal infrastructure.

Reduced warehousing costs

Weather conditions are not a problem / IP54

  • Resistant to freeze thaw cycles, UVR.
  • Durable, resistant to temperature extremes and molds.
  • No toxic components, eco-friendly.
-60°С to +60°С
Up to 4 layers stockpiling
Operation in unsheltered and sheltered storage area
Only one semi-trailer truck required for further loading of empty МК 14-10 containers in 50 railcars

Reduced delivery costs

Reduced operating costs

Long life guaranteed by material resilience No need to buy new containers frequently, no disposal costs.
285 containers
in one semi-trailer truck at backhaul
May be used up to 1000 times
The degree of flexible container safety is 8 times higher

24/7 support

Constant monitoring of process flows, maintaining the flexible containers in good repair, prompt replacement of worn-out containers.

We will offer a container suitable for your cargo

Question 1. What products do you plan to carry?
Question 2. Thousands of tons per year
Question 4. Seasons of use
Question 5. Planned type of transport?
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Types of containers

We have saved millions of dollars for our clients

Reduced transportation costs as compared to big-bags
Rate: 2 t / h
Reduced costs as no special port terminal is required

Innovations in Logistics — manufacture and operation of flexible containers

  • 20 years
    Founded in 2001, we have a 20 years experience in logistics
  • UN-approved
    In UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.
  • IDGCA Member
    International Dangerous Goods and Containers Association.
  • Eco-friendly technology
    Zero waste production and operation.
In 1997 the first multiway flexible container sample was created as a new type of multimodal transport package. It was tested for several years.
The company’s core business is manufacture and operation of flexible containers for cargo carriage, storage and handling.

Certificates and patents

We are happy to tell more about flexible containers

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